Meadowbrook Studio Timetables

At dlr Leisure Meadowbrook all our classes are taught by certified, professional instructors. We also offer regular one-to-one support from our fitness team. We aim to help you achieve your fitness goal, whether that’s to reduce body fat, gain muscle mass or build strength and flexibility. We have selected the best fitness classes for members and pay as you go customers, to improve cardiovascular endurance, core strength and stamina. Including Bootcamp, Stretch and Relax and High Intensity Interval Training, Spinning, Pilates and Yoga. Please see timetable of individual centres for further information.



Monday Class Type
9:15am Pilates Strength
7.00pm Bodyburn Mixed
8.00pm Spin Cardio
Tuesday Class Type
6.30am Virtual Spin Cardio
9.15am Bodysculpt Mixed
7.00pm Megamix Mixed
8.00pm Begin to spin* Cardio
Wednesday Class Type
6.30am Spin Cardio
9.15am Bodysculpt Strength
6.15pm Virtual Spin Cardio
7.00pm Pilates Strength
Thursday Class Type
9.15am Abs & Core Mixed
6.15am Virtual Spin Cardio
7.00pm Bodysculpt Strength
Friday Class Type
9.15am Bodysculpt  Strength
6.15pm Virtual Spin Cardio
Saturday Class Type
9.15am Circuits Strength
10.15am Virtual Spin Cardio
Sunday Class Type
10.15am Bodysculpt Mixed
11.15am Virtual Spin Cardio