Our Commitment to you

Mission Statement: “Our mission is to promote leisure facilities and sporting experiences that are accessible, inclusive and customer focused.  We strive to deliver high standards by qualified staff to enhance and support a healthy lifestyle We will make every effort to ensure all enquiries are handled with care and that a prompt response is issued. We will ensure that all communication is provided to our customers in an open, transparent and clear manner.

Ways in which we can communicate with you

In Person

Speak to the Manager on Duty in the centre at the time of the issue to see if they can resolve it immediately

Telephone Enquires

Our staff will endeavour to answer any questions you might have or get someone to call you back if they do not have the information to hand.

Written Correspondence, Email

If you wish to address an issue regarding a certain facility, all correspondence should be addressed to the Centre Manager of that facility. You can do this through our contact page on the website or by writing to them. All queries received will be acknowledged; for email and written responses will be sent within 7 working days. When further investigation is required the response will be sent within 20 working days where possible.  

Social Media

Each centre operates their own Facebook page and we operate one Twitter page for the company. While we are happy to communicate with you through this channel we would ask that you send any personal grievances through one of the more private communication channels available to you above.  Facebook & Twitter are not manned at all times, so this could cause further delays in us responding to you.


We welcome the diversity of our customers and will deal with all customers in a fair and equitable manner.

Customer Code of Conduct

 Pool Area

  • Swim hats are compulsory.
  • All Patrons are requested to shower before entering the pool.
  • Children under 8 are not permitted in the pool without an adult. Ratio is 3 children to 1 Adult.
  • The use of cameras, video recording devices including mobile phones are prohibited in the centre in line with our Safeguarding of Children & Vulnerable Persons (Formally known as Child Protection)
  • All Pool users are requested to use the lockers and to not leave belonging in changing cubicles.
  • Lifeguards rules must be obeyed at all times and failure to do so will lead to you being requested to leave the centre. The safety of all our customers is paramount.

Gym/ Studio Area

  • All customers are expected to be courteous to other users
  • Minimum age is 16. We offer supervised teen sessions. See timetable for the centre of your choice. (Monkstown, Meadowbrook. Loughlinstown)
  • Exercise clothing, including footwear must be worn to use the gym area’s
  • All equipment should be wiped down with your towel after your use.
  • Weights should be put back in the correct place and at no time should they be dropped.
  • The use of cameras, video recording devices including mobile phones are prohibited in the centre in line with our child protection policy.
  • No gym machine can be held up between sets.
  • Instructors are there to offer advice and best practices and if you feel you need more please book a one to one session. Web www.dlrleisure.ie

Contact Details for dlr Leisure



Loughlinstown Drive, Loughlinstown, Dún Laoghaire, Co.Dublin

PH: 01 282 3344

Email: loughlinstown@dlrleisure.ie

Web: http://www.dlrleisure.ie/loughlinstown/

Meadowbrook Broadford Road, Ballinteer, Dublin 16 PH: 01 299 5610

Email: meadowbook@dlrleisure.ie

Web: http://www.dlrleisure.ie/meadowbrook/


Monkstown Avenue, Monkstown, Blackrock, Co. Dublin

PH: 01 230 1458

Email: monkstown@dlrleisure.ie

Web http://www.dlrleisure.ie/monkstown/  


Loughlinstown Drive, Loughlinstown, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

PH: 01 5375011

Email: sports@dlrleisure.ie Web: http://www.dlrleisure.ie/sports/

Support Office

Carnegie House, Library road, Dún Laoghaire, Co. Dublin

Email: support@dlrleisure.ie

Web: www.dlrleisure.ie